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11:00 AM11:00

Commercial Retouching with Chris Lambeth

In this class, Chris will be teaching high-end retouching for fashion and beauty.  We start by covering the basics and build our way up to more advanced techniques. Covering everything from what type of brushes to use to the final sharpening methods all in a non-destructive way.

What we'll Cover

  • Brush settings (flow vs opacity differences as well as hard vs soft)
  • Understanding and working with layers and layer mask

  • Various skin retouching techniques (healing, cloning, dodge and burn)

  • Basic color correction, skin tone matching and creating color grading

  • Sharpening and export for social media use

Class will be held at our Blok Studio Pierce: 1002 E Pierce STE 102 Phoenix, AZ 85006


About the instructor

Chris Lambeth is a fashion and beauty photographer who specializes in commercial retouching and is located in Phoenix, Arizona. His clients include Marc Fisher, Sigerson Morrison, Easy Spirit, Girls Life Magazine, Forever 21, Guess, Maxim India, Dubai Fashion Week, Friday Magazine. To view more of his work click here.

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7:00 PM19:00

Photoshop Fundamentals with Thomas Ingersoll

Build a strong foundation for your workflow practice.

Having a solid foundation is key to a productive post processing workflow. In this month's Photoshop Fundamental class, Thomas will be teaching a few basic principles that will improve efficiency.

What we'll Cover:

Using actions and libraries for a more efficient workflow

The difference between actions and libraries

How to create, save, and export your actions

How to use libraries to batch edit

Class will be held at our Blok Studio Pierce: 1002 E Pierce STE 102 Phoenix, AZ 85006


Thomas is a photographer, retoucher, writer, and educator born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. His clients include Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix Ballet Theater, The Westin and many more. He frequently contributes articles to fstoppers and servers as brand ambassador for many well respected companies in the industry.

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4:00 PM16:00

Phase One Medium Format Photography Open House

Want to know more about medium format photography? Care to inspect and shoot with the highest quality photo equipment? Join Mega Pixels Digital for a Medium Format Open House!

Take advantage of the opportunity to shoot with the best camera in the industry, and learn why the Phase One medium format camera system is king.

Speak with medium format photographers in the area and pick up valuable tips and tricks!

A model will be available to photograph and demonstrate tethering techniques, lighting styles, and image quality.

Don't miss this event!


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10:00 AM10:00

Capture One Pro 10 Advanced Training


Mega Pixels Digital Technical Support Specialist Zac Henderson will help you get the most out of Capture One software and use it to your advantage through custom processes, keyboard shortcuts, advanced retouching, and preferences.

Learn how to quickly and efficiently cull and retouch photos, organize images, use Catalogs and Sessions together in the same workflow, as well as take full control over Capture One's appearance and behavior. And if you're looking to improve your organization skills, you'll benefit from the section of the training discussing keywording and Catalog/Session workflow.


What we'll cover

  • Overview of Capture One as a whole
  • Creation of Templates
  • Catalog and Session Combined Workflow
  • Preferences
  • Tethering Best Practices
  • Keywording
  • Advanced Local Adjustment Selections
  • Creation of efficient recipes
  • In-Depth troubleshooting

After the training, from 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm you'll be able to test a Phase One 100MP Medium Format Camera System, enjoy drinks, and talk to others in the industry.

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11:00 AM11:00

Commercial Fitness Lighting with Brandon Tigrett

In the fitness advertising world, having a few different lighting setups in your bag of tricks is a must. Often times, when you think of fitness photography you see the same old, over lit or super hardcore/gritty lighting look. This is a viable lighting set up when necessary but most of the time it doesn't help to tell the story.  

Brandon will show you many ways to light for fitness because in the advertising industry the way you light your shot is crucial to the narrative you want to tell.


What we’ll cover

● How light affects mood, space, the type of product

● How to light with the end composition in mind, create light that draws the eye across the ad

● Types of modifiers to use

● 3 different types of lighting setups and how each can be modified giving you endless results

● Posing/directing talent to fit the scene

● What to think about before choosing a lighting setup

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About the instructor


Brandon Tigrett is a Phoenix based commercial fitness photographer who specializes in active lifestyle, sport and environmental portrait photography. 

Visit Brandon's website to learn more about him and view his work.

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