1117 E Van Buren St #221
Phoenix, AZ 85006
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Capture One Pro 10 Advanced Training


Mega Pixels Digital Technical Support Specialist Zac Henderson will help you get the most out of Capture One software and use it to your advantage through custom processes, keyboard shortcuts, advanced retouching, and preferences.

Learn how to quickly and efficiently cull and retouch photos, organize images, use Catalogs and Sessions together in the same workflow, as well as take full control over Capture One's appearance and behavior. And if you're looking to improve your organization skills, you'll benefit from the section of the training discussing keywording and Catalog/Session workflow.


What we'll cover

  • Overview of Capture One as a whole
  • Creation of Templates
  • Catalog and Session Combined Workflow
  • Preferences
  • Tethering Best Practices
  • Keywording
  • Advanced Local Adjustment Selections
  • Creation of efficient recipes
  • In-Depth troubleshooting

After the training, from 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm you'll be able to test a Phase One 100MP Medium Format Camera System, enjoy drinks, and talk to others in the industry.

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