1117 E Van Buren St #221
Phoenix, AZ 85006
Blok Photo Studio
Blok Photo Studio is a rental photo studio located in Phoenix, AZ. Photo studio rentals are by hour, half day, or full day and include equipment such as professional studio strobes, umbrella, and dishes.
1117 E Van Buren St #221
United States
1002 E Pierce St #102
United States

Rules & Agreement


Studio Rules

  • 50% Deposit required for all rentals. All rental fees must be paid at the start of your booking along with a signed copy rental agreement. Fees for additional time that was not billed during the initial booking will be due at the end of the rental period.
  • Rental time begins promptly at the prescribed starting time and ends promptly at the prescribed ending time, regardless if renter and/or renter’s party is late.***
  • Rental time includes setup, tear down and cleaning so please consider this when booking your time.***

  • Due to the white floors in the shooting area of the Van Buren studio there will be an additional cleaning charge of $50 for an excessively dirty floor. Complimentary shoe covers will be provided for use at renter’s discretion.
  • $15 per hour additional charge to every hour booked after 9:00pm


Studio Guidelines

  • No smoking whatsoever is allowed in the studio. Projects involved with smoke have to get studio representatives consent
  • Music is to be kept at reasonable levels
  • No one will be admitted who is drunk or under the influence of illegal substances
  • No pets allowed without prior consent of a company representative
  • Maximum of 8 people in renter’s party. Total 15 people max in the studio at one time. Additional fee of $5 per each person over the limit will apply - Van Buren location only

Studio Equipment

  • Studio lighting will be provided upon request, at no additional cost. Renter is responsible for setup and tear down. Lighting assistance is available for $50.
  • All pre-installed paper backdrops (black, white, grey) that do no require full sweep are free with rentals. Full sweep of backdrops are $5 per backdrop used. Color backdrops can be installed for $20. Special order backdrop colors can be requested and installed for $85 (please request at least 7 days in advance).
  • $30 for cyclorama wall use. We can apply a fresh coat of paint for $50 (please request in advance) - Pierce Location
  • A list of equipment can be found here

Full Rental Agreement

Please read over and sign the rental agreement and bring it with you for your studio session.