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Blok Beats: Series Intro


Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Damn, that’s a big statement by an old German guy. But think about it, and it kind of rings true. Without music, how would you get hyped to run that last mile? Or what would you dance to on Saturday nights? Or cry to after a breakup? Music is in us (even our hearts have beats) and music is emotional.  

It’s no surprise then that music plays a big part in creating the atmosphere of a photo shoot. Ideally, the music on set should change depending on the subject matter and mood you’re looking to achieve. Studies show that emotions and mood are affected by music (it’s science, y’all), so why not start the first hour of your shoot setting the tone you are looking for?

In this blog series, we’ll bring you personally curated (no algorithms here), hour long playlists for different photo shoot subjects and themes. Follow us on Spotify and stay tuned, friends.

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