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BLOK BEATS: Matt's Shoot Playlist

Want to know what our cofounder, Matt, rocks to when he’s photographing? Check out his go-to songs when shooting. They will PUMP👏YOU👏UP👏.

More about Matt:

What does music do for you: Mood booster
Best piece of advice you’ve received: Remember what you like, forget what you don’t
Describe yourself 10 years ago in 3 words: Party all night
Astrological sign: Scorpio
One thing you need every morning: Exercise
Favorite thing in your closet right now: Brooks running shoes
When did you know you wanted to be an entrepreneur: When I discovered my purpose 
What’s it all about: Happiness 
Favorite cocktail: A whiskey one
Favorite food: Mom’s Meatloaf 
Favorite midnight snack: White cheddar popcorn
Where do you go to relax in the world: The sauna

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