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5 Essential Tools for Wardrobe Styling

Each shoot brings along its own set of players and personalities, expectations and roles, directions and shots to get. In this sometimes hectic environment, the part of wardrobe is key to keeping an organized set. To help you have a smoother set in the future, we asked stylist, Berly Baray, what she recommends as the 5 essential tools to have on set for any styling job. 

Berly Baray steps in to pin fabric down. It’s all about the details!

Berly Baray steps in to pin fabric down. It’s all about the details!


This is so crucial! Steaming the garments helps the seams and details of garments flow better on the body. I like to pre-steam the wardrobe the night before a shoot to give me a headstart on set. My favorite steamer is the Conair Extreme Steam Handheld Steamer. I’ve used it on a wide variety of materials, and it never fails to get out those stubborn wrinkles. Don’t forget to always bring your own extension cord for your steamer. Also, doing a thorough job steaming the wardrobe will be greatly appreciated by the retoucher.


Bringing a range of basic wardrobe essentials can save the day. Sometimes the talent doesn’t bring suitable undergarments or it turns out a basic white tee looks best paired with a statement skirt. To make sure you’re covered, keep these neutrals in your kit:

  • Neutral tone undergarments, including a strapless bra and new seamless underwear.

  • Black and white basics, both top and bottom options. These are great to be used in layering. 

  • Belts in both black and brown. 

  • Socks in a variety of colors.

  • Nude and black shoes for women, brown and black shoes for men.



A tool belt is extremely important to have on you doing every shoot. Your tool belt will hold everything you might need away from your homebase on set, and they are especially useful on location shoots. In your tool belt, you should carry: 

  • Lint roller

  • Safety pins

  • Double sided tape

  • Tide pen

  • Travel size static spray

  • Scissors

  • Clips

Two great options are:

Home Depot and Amazon


You may not always need to bring your own rolling rack, as some studios like Blok Studio provide their own, but it’s important to have one in your car incase of a need. Rolling racks will help you carry wardrobe from one location to another, steam items, and separate your garments by shots and who will be wearing it. My favorite rolling rack has a bottom shelf for shoes. I like this one from Home Depot and these dividers Amazon.

Both of our studios have a steamer and rolling rack included with your rental.

Both of our studios have a steamer and rolling rack included with your rental.


A tray with separated sections, like a jewelry tray, helps you display accessories so you can easily (and quickly!) see everything that is an option for your team. It’s simple to layer them on top of eachother and carry with you. You can find these trays at Home Depot, The Container Store, and Amazon. I also love using a hanging jewelry organizer on shoots. It’s great for smaller accessories. 

Got more questions for Berly on styling essentials? Head to her IG and send her a message!

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