Blok Photo Studio
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LIVE with passion. LEARN with purpose. LIGHT the way.


Continuing to Live, Learn, and Light


As Blok Studio evolves and grows with our community, our goal is to provide a balance of inspiration and information. To support this purpose, the Blok blog will now be organized by the three words that are at the heart of who we are and what we stand for: live, learn, light.

Live is the Blok lifestyle. We’ll bring you curated playlists, travel highlights, creativity, imagination, and continue our artist profiles in our Around the Blok series.

Learn is founded on our drive to help and teach others that have a story to tell. We’ll share our industry knowledge, gear reviews and how-to’s, and Blok EDU classes. We do this because we believe in community over competition.

Light is the catalyst to life. It’s technical yet abstract, tangible yet elusive. We’ll investigate light in all its beautiful forms. We’ll share guides on lighting equipment and set-ups, cover essays on the philosophy of light, and show all the badass lighting inspiration we can find. Nothing electrifies us more than light.

Join the Blok community and stay tuned for our new content!