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BLOK BEATS: Thomas' Shoot Playlist

Thomas Ingersoll, commercial photographer and Blok EDU educator, loves a fun, laidback set when photographing. Get the same vibes on yours with his custom playlist.

More about Thomas:

Favorite thing in your closet right now: My Shuka the Masaai Tribe gave me while I was in Tanzania.
Best piece of advice you’ve received: Tomorrow comes today.
Favorite movie ever:⁣ Tombstone.
Astrological sign:⁣ Whatever people tell me.
Biggest strength:⁣ My intrigue with humanity.
Biggest weakness: Complacency, I think we all have a sense of comfort in routine, or escapism.
One thing you need every morning: ⁣Solitude and Coffee
Who’s your biggest inspiration: Jordan Peterson for living a more desirable life, and a slew of photographers.
What does music do for you: I use music as a language to communicate to myself and to others.
When did you know you wanted to be an entrepreneur: ⁣I never had a defining moment. I gravitated towards the creative industry in my early 20’s, and over time I found opportunities to grow.
What’s it all about: ⁣The exploration of humanity, our relationship with each other, and with death.
Favorite cocktail: ⁣Margaritas
Favorite food: ⁣Mexican
Favorite midnight snack: Anything sweet
Describe yourself 10 years ago in 3 words:⁣ Misguided, Distractible, Naive.
Where do you go to relax in the world: ⁣Exploring any part of our little blue planet.
You’re having a party, what song do you kick it off with: Anything from Earth Wind and Fire.
⁣What do you love about photography: ⁣ I love that it’s a vehicle from consciousness to reality. 
Favorite thing to photograph: Genuine People.

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