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AROUND THE BLOK. VOL. 15 - Andrick Aviles


I’ve known about Andrick for years but never met him personally until recently. I would see portraits of him and his tattoo work through the blogs and feeds of mutual friends. The amount of detail he illustrates in his tattoos is a fascinating aspect for me. But his story is even more inspirational, from tattooing people in his home as a migrant from Mexico to owning one of the premier shops in the city. His client list includes athletes such as Amare Stoudemire, Adrian Wilson, and hip-hop artist such as the Game. You can catch up with him on his Instagram. It was an honor to meet and chat with Andrick, and we’re happy to have him as our next guest for Around the Blok!



Hello! My name is Andrick! I was born in Mexico City, Mexico, and raised here in Phoenix, AZ. I love tattooing, long walks on the beach.....just kidding. No, but I really do love tattooing. I started tattooing when I was a Junior in High school, and I had no experience or any apprentice experience at all. I would practice on all of my friends, including my Art teacher Ms. Hansen in class. Yes, I tattooed her in class. I am naturally introverted, so I never spoke much, but I expressed myself with this medium and other forms of art. Nothing has changed.



I love anything that has to do with design and creating something from nothing. Having a blank canvas such as a panel, skin, piece of paper, etc. and creatively generating something that wasn't there before really inspires me. Art is everywhere, and creating keeps me alive.


What benefit does art provide to society?

Art provides healing and freedom. With art, anything is possible, and anything can be created; because it is limitless, it helps society to dream. Also, for many, art is an escape from their day to day to enter a world full of possibilities which provides a sense of healing and liberation. Those that are marginalized in our society do not have a true voice that is often heard, and for them, I can include myself in this as well, art has given us a voice to tell our own stories which in return gives us a sense of empowerment. We need more of that in underrepresented communities to uplift each other, that is why art is so important.

What’s your advice to others chasing their dreams?

Just do it! Stop holding yourself back. Stop overthinking and making excuses. There is never going to be a perfect time to start, so start today. My advice is to go sober and stay clear-minded because it is important to take care of your body. Also, listen to your intuition and don't over think what anyone else has to say, this is your life, not theirs.


What is your biggest inspiration and why?

My family. My parents are the most hardworking people I know, and they never give up. My siblings are all artists, and they are all creative in their own way, as well as express their art differently. I love that we all help each other with ideas and encourage each other to keep creating. Their support and creativity have lead me to where I am now.


When you think of home, what comes to mind?

I'm really big on family, so to me, being together with them feels right. It doesn't matter where we go, I always feel at home with them.