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BLOK BEATS: Wyatt's Shoot Playlist

Our studio coordinator, Wyatt, loves to groove while he shoots. Check out his custom playlist that he listens to when he’s in the studio.

More about Wyatt:

• Favorite thing in your closet right now: Right now my favorite piece of clothing would be my salmon pink short sleeve button up with these cute little cacti on it.
• Best piece of advice you’ve received: Don’t waste your time only thinking about the negative in life. Life is too short.
• Favorite movie ever:⁣ My favorite movie has to be Looper by Rian Johnson. That movie got me interested in film and how movies are made.
• Astrological sign:⁣ I am a Capricorn Sun with a Virgo Moon.
• Biggest strength:⁣ I like to think my biggest strength is my ability to become friends with just about anyone. I love interacting with different people and making connections.
• Biggest weakness: I overanalyze and overthink things a lot.
• One thing you need every morning: ⁣I always need an hour of just peace and quiet where I can have some coffee and plan my day.
• Who’s your biggest inspiration: That’s a tough one. I draw a lot of inspiration from a lot of different people, but my parents have always been role models for me.
• What does music do for you: Music does a lot for me. Sometimes I use it to just relax or I’ll use it to motivate myself. I use it a lot while shooting and editing to keep going. I also love how music can incite so many different emotions. One minute you’re vibing to some Steve Lacy in the studio and then the next you’re racing 90 mph on the freeway jamming to some Gideon.
• When did you know you wanted to be an entrepreneur: I didn’t really know I wanted to pursue being an entrepreneur until last year. I loved the idea of creating what I want and being a part of something different every day. I also thrive in a collaborative and creative environment.
• What’s it all about: ⁣Just being happy, humble and enjoying what you do every day.
• Favorite cocktail: ⁣I love a good Old Fashioned.
• Favorite food: ⁣Pizza. Pizza has always been there for me.
• Favorite midnight snack: I try to be a good kid and not have sugar late at night, but sometimes that Cherry Garcia calls to me.
• Where do you go to relax in the world: My hideaway is in the wonderful city of Estes Park, Colorado.
• You’re having a party, what song do you kick it off with: Caroline by Amine.
⁣• What do you love about photography: ⁣ I love lighting a scene and seeing the final result. It’s such a rush to put in the work and bring your vision to fruition. I also love the collaboration with the subject to create the perfect emotion.
• Favorite thing to photograph: My favorite thing to photograph is definitely people. I love interacting with others and seeing their reactions when they see themselves on the screen. The emotion and the energy that you get when two individuals are creating art together is so much fun.

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