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BLOK BEATS: Berly's Styling Playlist

Our summer intern and shoot stylist, Berly, likes to chill out while she is pulling looks for shoots. Check out her custom playlist that she plays when pairing clothes together:

More about Berly:

• Favorite thing in your closet right now: My neon multi-color Falcon W Adidas sneakers
• Best piece of advice you’ve received: If you get, give. If you learn, teach
• Favorite movie ever:⁣ Oh boy! It’s a Disney movie, Dumbo
• Astrological sign:⁣ The friendly goat: Capricorn 
• Biggest strength:⁣ Perfectionist 
• Biggest weakness: Sensitivity 
• One thing you need every morning: ⁣Warm lavender tea 
• Who’s your biggest inspiration: ⁣Maya Angelou 
• What does music do for you: ⁣It’s everything, I love discovering new artist everyday 
• What’s it all about: ⁣Being kind and humble
• Favorite cocktail: ⁣Blueberry Basil Moscow Mule 
• Favorite food: ⁣Oh it’s cheesy! Pizza! 
• Favorite midnight snack: Chocolate ice cream
• Describe yourself 10 years ago in 3 words:⁣ Creative, Dreamer, Curious 
• Where do you go to relax in the world: ⁣Clear night sky with millions of visible stars! 
• You’re having a party, what song do you kick it off with: Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough by Michael Jackson 
• What do you love about styling: ⁣I love that it begins with an artist who created a design and made it come to life for someone to wear. Styling gives me the freedom to pair one artist’s work with another artist’s creation to complement one another and create something new.
• Favorite thing to style: A timeless vintage piece! 
• Something people don't realize about styling: It’s an oasis for a clouded mind.

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