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Importance of Strobe Lighting

Yesterday we announced the launch of blok EDU and made our first course available for sign up. Within a few hours all the available seats were filled and we couldn't have been anymore excited about the reaction! As mentioned before our goal for this program is to empower, build knowledge and inspire. In this post, we feature some insight from lighting class instructor, Thomas Ingersoll, about the importance of strobe lighting. Enjoy!

Three reasons why learning about strobes is vital

1. Lighting shapes photography, it's the very essence of a photograph.

Light controls every aspect of photography; shape, contrast, color, exposure, mood, etc. Learning how to control light will fundamentally change the way you shoot.  Although there is an art in capturing available light, there is an even greater reward in being able to control any environment you find yourself shooting in. Using strobes is another tool on the knowledge belt, just as conquering available light is a tool, and to be a well rounded photographer you should have and master both tools. I don’t approach every shoot wanting or needing to use strobes, but more often than not I find myself wanting to control the light using strobes.

This stairwell was very poorly lit and the florescent lights looked terrible on the model’s face. To overcome this I used 2 strobes. One B800 with an orange gel pointed at the ceiling to give a nice even fill light for the whole image, and one B800 with a beauty dish and a grid as a key light to isolate the model.

2. You are only as strong as your weakest link, don’t let that be lighting.
Even if you are an avid natural light shooter, gaining some basic knowledge about strobes can be extremely advantageous. Sometimes a subtle fill or rim light can make or break an image. Using strobes does not mean that you have to use them all the time or change your style of shooting, it simply means you can have more control over the outcome of your image. There are times when strobes can be the focus of your image or help you balance light in a poorly lit condition.  Mastering strobes can help you overcome any situation and deliver the best to your clients.

Using strobes in a studio doesn’t have to be boring. Learn how to use different modifiers to control and shape your light.

3. Show your clients that you can overcome anything.
Whether you shoot weddings, fashion, commercial, sports, etc., learning how to use strobes can show your clients that you can always deliver, no matter the environment. Take your photography to the next level by learning all that you can about light. Learn and master how to use natural light, strobes, a scrim/reflectors, and to bounce light and nothing will stand in your way.  Start learning now, even if it’s buying and learning how to use a cheap speedlite. Grow outside your comfort zone and have no limitations.

Adding strobes can create depth to on location shots. Learn how to blend ambient light with strobes and you can create more dramatic images.

I am constantly broadening my horizons with lighting knowledge. I seek out different lighting methods and unique ways to utilize light constantly. Peppered throughout my portfolio are shots using strobes, natural light, and reflectors. Control the light, don't let the light control you.