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We Are Brothers.

Caleb Alvarado is an architect turned commercial & editorial photographer/cinematographer based in Phoenix, AZ. His work constantly conjures human connection and creates new perspectives for the viewer. We were lucky enough to have front row seats to this masterpiece created at our Pierce location.

The artist statement can be found below.

'We are Brothers. You are my blood. We have fought and we have loved each other. I know we know we will never cease our love, there is nothing greater than the “love that allows us to share our name.”'

“We are Brothers” 
featuring @slawek_wozniak @mwozniak1 @masterballetacademy
#Choreography: @slawek_wozniak @mwozniak1
Cinematographer & #Director: @CalebAlvarado
Shot at @blok_studio
Postproduction @CalebAlvarado
Music: Dead Island Theme composed by Giles Lamb
Special thanks to @jrrevolver @revolver_creative @chavezcarlos1 @raininggreenbug