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Inspiration - "On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace" Film.


I often spend my free time scouring the internet for ultra inspiring documentaries. As a photographer, I'm in love with storytelling and believe the best images often tell the greatest stories. Over the weekend the film "On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace" was recommended to me by another creative. After watching the trailer, I made it a priority to watch the film before the end of the weekend. 

The documentary follows the photographer, Michael O'Neill as he talks to the great Yoga masters in India, Tibet and New York. Through the photographers on personal endeavors, he finds himself turning to yoga to overcome his own battle. This leads him down a road for 10 years creating a photo project. This film wonderfully showcases the parallels between taking a photograph and deep meditation. The images created for this project are extremely inspiring and breathtaking. 


This film gives great purpose to the work we often do as creatives. It's a reminder of how fragile and beautiful life can be. However, by taking moments to breathe, you can ensure you are making the most out of every day. You can watch "On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace" on Netflix now!

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