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How To Enhance Portraits Using A Reflector.

In photography, lighting is the single most important tool. As photographers, we constantly chase light and literally cannot survive without it. Both inside and outside of the studio, one of the most important (and often underrated tools) you should have on hand is a reflector. It can be used to diffuse, bounce, or flag natural and artificial light. In this video, Aaron Nace of Phlearn provides tips on the benefits of using reflectors and why this is an especially important tool to have in every photographer's bag.


  • Gold Reflector – The gold reflector will bounce a lot of light and give the light a “gold” color. This can be perfect for bouncing light during a sunset, or when you want to add some warmth to a portrait. In our experience, the gold reflector is used less than silver or white.
  • Silver Reflector – The silver reflector will bounce a lot of light and keep the light color neutral. This is great when you need more light in a portrait or when your reflector has to be far from your subject. Be careful you don’t blind your subject with light, as the reflection can be quite strong.
  • White Reflector – The white reflector will bounce a small amount of light with a neutral color. These reflectors are great because they produce softer light than gold or silver.
  • Black Reflector – Black reflectors are used to add “negative fill.” Use the black reflector to reduce the amount of light around your subject. Black reflectors are generally used with portraits on the left and right side of the subject to give them more depth.
  • Diffusion – Diffusion panels are meant to diffuse or soften light. Generally, you will shine a light through a diffusion panel and then the light will hit your subject.
    These panels will make the light softer and larger, but they will also reduce the amount of light that hits your subject.