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Introduction To Shooting Tethered.

Shooting Tethered_Blok Studio

If you are a photographer, you have had the experience of taking a photo, looking at it on the back of the camera and being happy that you nailed the shot. But then you get home, upload your images, and realize that it’s a bit out of focus, or simply notice objects in the background that may be distracting. Shooting tethered to a computer can alleviate problems like this, as well as provide other added benefits.

It Could Save Time.

The ability to see exactly what you're getting from your raw image ultimately saves you time. You can confirm when you have the "shot." When shooting tethered, there's a good chance you are taking fewer photos which also less to cull through.

Everyone On The Same Accord.

When working with a team of people tethering is crucial. When I shoot portrait work, I often need a make-up artist, hair stylist, and a wardrobe stylist to produce my vision. Allowing my team to see exactly what's being captured gives everyone the confidence that we are headed in the same direction. This also provides the opportunity for my team to catch things I may have missed ( hair in the face, pieces of a garment that may need to be tucked, touching up the make-up). The model can also see what poses work best and you can give a bit more direction.


3.2″ LCD Screen vs 15″ Retina Screen

The tiny little LCD screen on the back of the camera is about 1 megapixel. Most cameras shoot somewhere between 20-50MP. That’s a lot of detail you aren’t seeing. Sure, it's better than nothing at all, but it gives a minimal view of the overall image. The tonal range of the camera’s LCD screen isn’t incredibly accurate either, especially in the shadows and highlights. The exact balance of light, critical focus, distracting elements, blinking eyes, etc., are all difficult to spot quickly during a fast-paced shoot on the on-camera screen. Add in environmental factors like bright sunlight and it can become a guessing game.

Visit our friends over at TetherTools to get started on tethering!